BBA List
Free software for Breeding Bird Atlas/Survey data management

BBA List is Flying Emu Software's contribution to bird distribution research.  It is designed for many birders to record their own data and then compile all their data together in one central, very easy to use database.  It is available for download from this page.

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Free BBA List by Flying Emu Software (for Windows 95) has...

It is completely free.  What's the catch?  You need a customized map for your atlas area.  Flying Emu Software will set up the map for free, too.  Currently, the only local area included is Contra Costa County, California.  Tell your local atlas coordinator about this site if you would like to use BBA List in your area.  If you are interested in an application of BBA List, inquire by e-mail.

Here's what to do to download BBA List:

1. Download the installation setup archive (1.4 MB) and save it to your disk.

2. In Windows Explorer, double-click on BBASETUP.EXE, then click on Extract.  This will put the setup files in your temporary folder and then automatically start the installation program.  It takes about 5.0 MB of disk space when installed (most of that overlaps Map List, if you have that too).

3. Start the program (Start, Programs, Map List, BBA List) and follow the tutorial in the READBBA.TXT file to learn how use it.  If you don't like it, it comes with an uninstaller so you can get rid of it.  If you have any problems, technical support is free and unlimited by e-mail.

4. Once it is installed successfully, you can delete the file you downloaded and the files in your temporary folder (usually C:\WINDOWS\TEMP).

While you're here, be sure to check out Map List, Flying Emu's flagship software, which shows seasonal bird checklists on a map and records your sightings all over North America!

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Flying Emu Software of Moraga, California is dedicated to providing high quality, powerful, easy-to-use software and using the power of the Internet to expand our knowledge of bird distribution and abundance.  If you know of a web-published checklist with seasonal abundance, please send its URL to  Checklist data is available for everyone to use for free through the Map List database and the Flying Emu checklist page.