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Links to other great birding sites

General Bird Distribution Information

BirdSource  Lots of data on bird distribution, including raw data from all Christmas Bird Counts, and many surveys of specific species

USGS / Patuxent Wildlife Research Center Breeding Bird Survey Results  Scroll down and click on “Distribution Maps” to see cool range maps showing abundance.

USGS / Patuxent Wildlife Research Center Christmas Bird Count Summary  Click on “Winter Distribution Maps” to see cool range maps showing abundance

British Columbia Wildlife Watch  Many B.C. checklists are available for download – one of the best sources for seasonal checklists in Canada

The Birds of Manitoba Online  A good compilation of birding locations, many with checklists, and status of species

Seabirds of the St. Lawrence  A very thorough compilation of seabird colony records from southern Quebec with graphics showing location and size of each species' colonies

Bering Sea Seabird Colonies  A great database of Alaska seabird colonies with an interactive map

Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center  Checklists to hundreds of National Wildlife Refuges, National Parks, etc from the United States are available for download (the largest single source of links on the Flying Emu checklist page).

Defense Environmental Network Information Exchange: Bird Checklists  Many checklists from U.S. military installations with bar charts showing more detailed information than just seasonal distribution - high quality information from a surprising source!

Breeding Bird Atlases with Species Distribution Maps

Contra Costa County, California  Species maps made with Flying Emu’s BBA List software
South Dakota
Washington State

General Interest Sites

Birding Canada  A great and growing site with lots of information on the birds of Canada and lots of links

Birdingonthe.Net  A good links site - whatever you're looking for with birds, you can probably find it through here

Birding Pal  Link up with a traveling birder or get the scoop from a local expert when you’re traveling

Bird Links to the World  Over 2,000 links to birding web sites all over the world Birding Pages  This Internet directory site has a great directory of information for birders

Birding America  A cool travel site with bird photos from all over the U.S.  Site for beginners and backyard birders  Site for beginners who want to learn the basics of the sport

Endangered Species Sites

Ivory-billed Woodpecker  Surviving in Arkansas!

California Condor: Central California  Northern Arizona

Aplomado Falcon  Spectacular success with Texas reintroduction!

Whooping Crane: Native Flock  Wisconsin-Florida Reintroduced Flock: First Year  Older Birds

Kirtland’s Warbler  Increasing and expanding into Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and northern Wisconsin!

Local / Specific Interest Sites

South Bay Birders Unlimited  Good site for Santa Clara County, California

Kitchener Waterloo Field Naturalists  Big local bird site from Ontario

Assateague Island  Virginia coast

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Flying Emu Software of Moraga, California is dedicated to providing high quality, powerful, easy-to-use software and using the power of the Internet to expand our knowledge of bird distribution and abundance.  If you know of a web-published checklist with seasonal abundance, please send its URL to  Checklist data is available for everyone to use for free through the Map List database and the Flying Emu checklist page.