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How to Purchase a Map List License

If you have the free demo of Map List, all you need to record your sightings is a license key.

This is how you purchase a license for the fully functional version of Map List:

  1. Download the free demo version.  You can also download the free world map upgrade if you wish to record sightings all over the world.
  2. Payment ($40) can be made by secure credit card transaction, check, money order, toll-free phone or fax. Flying Emu likes its customers, and respects their privacy.  NONE of the information gathered is used for any purpose other than processing the transaction and software registration. 
  3. Immediately after payment, you will be e-mailed a license key.  Just start recording your sightings with the blank file (NA_BLANK.LL or WORLD.LL) that comes with the demo.  When you first save your sightings, enter the license key when prompted.  Each time you save, Map List saves the previous version of the file with a .BAK extension.

Flying Emu Software wants only happy customers, so let us know if you have any problems or questions. Technical support is free and unlimited by e-mailing for demo and licensed versions.

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Flying Emu Software of Moraga, California is dedicated to providing high quality, powerful, easy-to-use software and using the power of the Internet to expand our knowledge of bird distribution and abundance.  If you know of a web-published checklist with seasonal abundance, please send its URL to  Checklist data is available for everyone to use for free through the Map List database and the Flying Emu checklist page.