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If you have Map List, click here to update your checklists.

If you don't already have Map List, this is how you get the free demo:

1. Download the installation setup archive (2.1 MB) and save it to your disk.

2. In Windows Explorer, double-click on ML_SETUP.EXE, and follow the instructions.  It takes about 6 MB when installed.

3. Start the program (Start, Programs, Map List, Map List) and follow the tutorial in the README.TXT file to learn how to use it.  If you like the Map List demo, you are free to use it as long as you like.  If you don't like it, it comes with an uninstaller so you can get rid of it.

If you have Map List, this is how you get the world map and species list.  Existing Map List license holders can use this download to upgrade to version 3.0 for free.

1. Download the world map archive (2.7 MB), which also includes Map List version 3.0, and save it to your disk.

2. In Windows Explorer, double-click on ML_WORLD.EXE, and put it in the same directory where you have Map List installed.  Start the program like always and open WORLD.LL .

If you like Map List and want the fully functional version which can save and display your sightings and generate life, year, state, county, state-in-year, etc. lists, you can purchase a license for it.

Flying Emu Software wants only happy customers, so let us know if you have any problems. Technical support is free and unlimited by e-mailing for demo and fully functional versions.

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Flying Emu Software of Moraga, California is dedicated to providing high quality, powerful, easy-to-use software and using the power of the Internet to expand our knowledge of bird distribution and abundance.  If you know of a web-published checklist with seasonal abundance, please send its URL to  Checklist data is available for everyone to use for free through the Map List database and the Flying Emu checklist page.